This is Chris Sykora's online class platform, which is focused on sharing a deep understanding of the creative process, how to use it for authentic learning, and more... Creativity can be taught and is the #1 skill needed in any domain. Let's innovate!

"This was a unique workshop that provided very effective strategies and information that I intend to implement in future curriculum."

Hi, I’m Chris Sykora

I talk with large audiences of teachers on a regular basis. I hold degrees in the liberal and fine arts, including a Masters in Education Leadership. I currently teach visual art at Deerfield High School, and facilitate PD's cross Illinois as an instructional coach.

I co-founded the Illinois High School Art Exhibition and serves as its Assistant Director & Secretary (read more at I also served as the IAEA's Advocacy Taskforce Chair, a role that included facilitating discussions with key policy officials in Illinois and across the country.

My educational practices reflective social constructivist teaching, while facilitating future-focused project-based learning opportunities through a social-emotional lens.