This class is for all teachers and learners, no matter what the content is. Though it’s shared through a visual educator lens, I have worked with many teachers across all domains with this process. This is about facilitating student agency in the classroom and it connects to learner-agency in any venue. Student Autonomy as a source of curriculum experiences is the #1 ingredient needed to generate authentic learning and actualize the creative process, both of which are the framework our schools and places of learning should prioritize. We will investigate this.

In this online class, you will get specific and practical information and shared experiences that teach students how to learn for themselves, to build meaning from their own lives, through a curious culture, and connect that to imagination, metacognition, and resulting in artistic activism.

You will receive the worksheet I use to work students through the process, my Creative Process Infographic, as well as an assessment document that combines SEL with the Creative Process.

We will work through the framework of the creative process, beginning with priming your classroom culture for these experiences of meaning with curiosity and intrinsic motivation, and then move through the step by step process and exploration I use in a collaborative environment built on trust, empathy, and excitement. How do we teach students to fish, rather than just give them the fish? How do we manifest metacognition? Why is creativity the Big Intelligence that is at the center of everything we say we want for students? Take this class and find out.

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Hi, I’m Chris Sykora

Educational leader, teacher, director, coach, and lover of learning through the creative process in which the students drive their own experiences.

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Priming learners for engagement through the Creative Materials Challenge.

Create process maps to visualize your curriculum process by turning it into a work of art.

A few examples of the work students made after going through this self-directed curriculum.